Powerful art removes fear and transcends the drudgery of life. It draws you into a dream state. The eternal moment. It hypnotizes you. It inspires an ecstasy or a strange nostalgia.

Art must transmit this energy.

But contemporary art as a phenomenon is depleted of any vitality.

The artist is not a worker who labors in the cultural sector. The artist must abandon the materialist idea of professionalization and organization of artists. Thus abandon the absurd concept of the “art/cultural-worker/entrepreneur”.

The artist must reject the fake “critical” theories. They merely keep the gates for markets and coteries.

The artist must reject the politicizing of the art by curators playing dollhouse with fake artists playacting scientist, researcher and “intellectual”, engaging in prefab activism and word games.

Words often have a corrosive effect on creativity. Words are replacements for the living and seek to recreate the best of the real experience.

Art should make you forget words.

Real artists must embrace beauty, excellence and the power of imagination. This stands against the postmodernists celebration of mediocrity, irony and the ugly.

Powerful art is intoxicating and it scrubs off any status or word residues. Real art doesn´t simulate danger or risk. It is immediate and it is sensed. This is what the artist must aim for.